The aim of CHN (Coaching without Borders) event series is to bring to Hungary the renowned international experts, the most outstanding professionals from the world of leadership development and coaching who are able to present the rapidly developing leadership trends and coaching industry in its diversity and depth. 8 new themes and new speakers in Budapest in the 7th season.
from October 2017 to June 2018
(just like in the previous seasons) the presentations and workshops are held in English on a monthly basis with fixed dates, enabling participants to plan well in advance and to select the programs according to their interest or professional field

October 2017 – June 2018

27 October 2017
Carole Gaskell – Using Motivation to Improve Performance Keynote — igniting the fire within
28 November 2017
David J Hall – Thinking Money down the Drain! (The Strategic Role of Creativity)
19 January 2018
Rina Goldenberg Lynch – Diversity and inclusion – the competitive edge
15 February 2018
Keith Antoine – How to build your desired performance – combining coaching with data technology
22 March 2018
Neil Scotton – Making big change happen: Wisdoms that can help you inspire, lead and deliver big change
26 April 2018
Georgina Woudstra – A masterclass on Relational Team Coaching: cultivating connections for outstanding performance
7 June 2018
Anthony Kasozi
: Leading and Managing Effectively Across Organisational and Cultural Boundaries

October 2017
Using Motivation to Improve Performance Keynote — igniting the fire within

Presenter: Carole Gaskell
Coach, author

Carole Gaskell is a highly-acclaimed coach, inspirational speaker and best-selling author in the field of people potential and leadership development. She has made numerous TV and radio appearances and is a regular contributor to business, national and consumer publications.
Carole’s skills lie in keynote speaking, leadership facilitation, coaching senior business leaders and their teams to reach their full potential and create high-performance cultures within their organisations. Her energetic, creative commitment to bringing positive change to individuals and organisations is also the passion that fuels her business, Full Potential Group — one of Europe’s longest-established and most highly-regarded specialist coaching and leadership development companies — which she established in 1997.
Carole has delivered keynotes at conferences in the UK and internationally, including CIPD in UK and Asia Pacific, Worldwide investment conferences and Vistage CEO groups. She has spoken for clients including Ageas, Alzheimer’s Society, Harrods, Heinz, Hilton Hotels, Lend Lease, Mercer, Nationwide Building Society, Starbucks, Tesco, VW Group, William Hill and United Utilities, along with a variety of SMEs throughout the UK.
‘The Full Potential session that Carole presented at Mercer’s Global Investment Forum was a fantastic hit. Provocative and educational, it created a real buzz of discussion. Optimising communication and co-operation by understanding different personality types, is key to success in any business relationship.’
Linda Russheim, Global Head of Marketing Mercer’s Investment business
What really motivates you? Or your people? How can you accurately measure motivation?
To be engaged you need to be motivated, which drives performance. Highly engaged employees are 50% more likely to exceed their performance targets found research by the Hay Group, while the best companies at engaging people achieve 4.5 times the revenue growth — it’s the ultimate key to improved turnover, productivity and profitability.
Understanding your own motivators saves time, effort and radically improves your performance, happiness and results, by going beyond behaviours to address your deeper drivers — your WHY?
Carole Gaskell will explain the roots of motivation, help you to understand your own motivational drivers and that of your team/organisation to re-light the fire within your organisation, and how you can accurately measure motivation.

This has far-reaching implications for energising ourselves as well as step-changing the impact a leader can have when they understand the motivational hot buttons of their people.

Date: September 2017 9.00 – 16.00

By the end of the session participants will:
• Understand what motivates people and why motivation is critical for business performance
• Learn the 3 roots of motivation
• Clarify what motivates you – learn your overall motivation score and your top 3 and lowest motivators
• Understand the 9 different work motivators and how to recognise them in others
• Learn the hot buttons to motivate yourself and others
• Understand how to measure and track motivational levels
• Know how to align motivation to individuals, teams and the wider organisation

November 2017
Thinking Money down the Drain! (The Strategic Role of Creativity)

Presenter: David J Hall
CEO, visiting professor, founder

David J Hall founded the Ideas Centre in 2011, born out of a passion for creativity and innovation with a proven leadership track record at Board level in a range of sectors (both private and public).
For the 10 years prior to The Ideas Centre, Dave was CEO of HFL Sport Science Ltd, a drug surveillance and contract research organisation based in Newmarket. More generally, since 1984 he has worked in a range of manufacturing, service and technology transfer organisations, holding positions in engineering, marketing and manufacturing management. Creativity, innovation, and a pursuit of the perfect culture provide a common thread throughout his career to date.


Slightly random stuff of note:

  • entry into The Times Top 100 Best Companies to Work For
    E-on Award – “UK’s Most Energetic Boss”! (2007)
    In 2007 became Visiting Professor in Business Creativity at the University of Bedfordshire.

Date: 28 November 2017 9.00 – 16.00



The world is changing at an ever increasing pace, but the decisions we make and the behaviours that we display are based on models of “reality” which are based on our understanding of the outdated patterns from the past. We MUST find ways of challenging these patterns, to free up our thinking, to generate fresh and novel (i.e. creative) ideas that then feed innovation.

This keynote will demonstrate how creativity can remove the blockages that operate within everyone’s minds, to unleash the power of Breakthrough Thinking, to generate ideas that are both novel and useful. A culture of creativity can substantially differentiate a business, attracting and retaining the best staff whilst enhancing added value.


Attendees will leave with an understanding of:

• the strategic benefit of adopting creative thinking within the culture of their business;
• the blockages that operate within the mind of all individuals that effectively block creativity;
• specific techniques to overcome those blockages;
• a practical and systematic approach to introduce creativity into the culture of their business

By identifying the key blocks to creativity, it is possible to develop strategies to overcome them, and then to release the creative potential of every member of staff.

The presentation will explore the following topics:

1. Blocks
• The thinking process
• The brain as a patterning system
• Mind set
2. Solutions
• Playfulness
• Creative Problem Solving Techniques

Case studies will be provided to demonstrate, without doubt, the benefits of introducing a culture of creativity.

January 2018
Diversity and inclusion – the competitive edge

Presenter: Rina Goldenberg Lynch
Lawyer, director, consultant, coach, trainer

Rina has 20 years of experience as a lawyer. Rina started her legal career in
Washington DC, worked as a banking lawyer with Clifford Chance LLP in London and as a Director in the legal department of ING Bank London.
In her tenure as chair of the employee body, Rina observed that most leaders didn’t realise the full potential of their employees, leaving untapped much talent, dedication and commitment. In addition, as mentor to female colleagues, she also experienced that, with support and encouragement, women’s confidence soared, enabling them to clear unhelpful internal assumptions and achieve new goals.

Equipped with these realisations, and using her skills as lawyer, trainer, negotiator and mentor, Rina expanded her expertise to leadership development and team strategy and engagement.

Passionate about seeing women achieve their potential by being true to their nature and personality, Rina left the corporate world in 2014 to establish Voice At The Table, a boutique gender diversity consultancy. The consultancy helps build businesses that use diversity as corporate strength by developing corporate cultures in which individuals of all backgrounds thrive. In addition, the consultancy’s Training Academy for Professional Women offers soft skills training for women and men which build confidence, resilience and initiative to contribute fully and authentically.

Rina is also Board Member of the charity Professional Women’s Network London, an Executive
Coach and a qualified ILM trainer.

Voice At The Table is a strategic consultancy helping companies thrive by building inclusive cultures and nurturing diversity of thought.

Our goal is to transform corporate culture to an environment in which women (and men) thrive on their terms. In this way, we believe we achieve two aims: (1) help companies grow by reaping the benefits of their diverse workforce, and (2) empower women to step forward and achieve long-term career success.

Achieving this requires a two-pronged approach: (1) transforming corporate culture to acknowledge every individual’s talents; and (2) supporting women in realising their natural potential.

We work (1) with organisations to help build more inclusive cultures, and (2) with professional women to build confidence, resilience and initiative. In focusing on individuals as well as organisational structures, we help businesses succeed in an increasingly more competitive environment.

We work with big companies and small, including BAML, ING (London & Amsterdam), American
Express, Markit, Allianz, Dentons, Shearman & Sterling, Kimberly-Clark, PGIM Real Estate and many others.

Voice At The Table: we help companies realise the untapped potential of their people. We show men and women how to progress and contribute authentically. Our solutions encourage diversity, create the best teams and drive innovation and growth.


Date: 19 January 2018 9.00 – 16.00

Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.
Stephen Covey, author of “7 habits of highly effective people”

The benefits of Diversity to an organisation have been frequently cited as improving

  • Decision making
  • Talent retention and development
  • New product and service development
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Business growth
  • ROI, revenues and other financial measurements

Forbes Magazine:
Successful companies are not the ones that build a business, then look at diversity as a nice-to-have attribute. Truly successful and innovative companies are those that build diverse teams when they are just starting out in their own apartment or their folks’ garage. Diversity is a mentality, not just strategic imperative.

In this seminar, we explore the following topics:
 What is Diversity and how do we build it?
 What evidence is there to support the benefits of Diversity?
 How do we get the full benefit of our diverse workforce?
 Best practice examples from the corporate world
Through presentation and stimulating exercises, you will uncover the benefits of diversity to your own company and learn how to grow, nurture and develop it to make your own business more successful.

February 2018
How to build your desired performance – combining coaching with data/technology

Presenter: Keith Antoine
Coach, IT manager

Keith Antoine is a performance coach with both corporate and sporting experience. A business background in IT and project management together with 3 decades of coaching elite Track and Field athletics is a rare combination. Corporately, Keith has worked globally with organisations from all sectors. He coaches individuals and teams to achieve their chosen outcomes, with a focus on developing the critical leadership skill of holding effective performance conversations. He also uses his coaching skills to deliver practical, relevant and thought-provoking keynote presentations.
In sport, Keith was the Great Britain national coach for various sprint & relay events from 1990-95, as well as being personal coach to many international athletes, some to World & Olympic standard, including Helen Frost, Katharine Merry & Darren Campbell. Keith also spent 6 years as the National Disability Sprints Coach through the Sydney & Athens Paralympics, and was recalled in 2009 for the London 2012 Paralympics. Part of the team in London 2012, his 3 athletes won 1 x gold and 2 x silver medals, all with personal best performances. Keith has just returned from Rio 2016 having coached Richard Whitehead to 200m gold and silver in the 100m.
Rapidly creating the same reputation as a coach in business as he has in the world of athletics, author of Working Together [in 90 minutes], Keith’s practical approach is engaging and interactive, challenging and fun. As a performance coach, improving individual and organisational performance is what Keith does best.


Date: 15 February 2018 9.00 – 16.00


“How to build your desired performance – combining coaching with data/technology.”

How good would it be if you could choose your future performance and then deliver it? This is exactly what Keith did with Richard for Rio 2016. He will share the process in an interactive way that allows you to apply it to your own goals or those of your team. As you analyse the process against your own context, it will challenge you to think about;

• Do you have big goals and performance goals?
• How clear are you about what needs to improve?
• What are you measuring and in how much detail?
• How effectively are you monitoring / tracking your progress?
• What is the difference between ‘target’ days and ‘normal’ days?
• How much rest and recovery do you need to enable effective adaptation?

An effective process is helpful, however it is the performance coaching that delivers the results. In the wider context, this session will explore and provide answers to the questions;

• What makes performance coaching different to other coaching styles?
• How do you help someone to take their performance to the next level?
• How do you generate true belief / self-confidence?
• How do you shorten and enhance the feedback loop?
• Are you driving the data or is the data driving you?
• Do your questions generate real thought or just answers?
• How directive does a performance coach need to be?
• What is the best way to develop resilience in a performer?

Keith has a very interactive style so be ready to do a lot of hard work. The good news is that you will leave with practical ideas to enhance your performance, and the performance of those around you. The not so good news is that you may need to have a lie down afterwards!

March 2018
Making Big Change Happen: Wisdoms that can help you inspire, lead and deliver big change

Presenter: Neil Scotton, B.Tech. (Hons), C.Eng. FRSA, PCC
Coach | Catalyst | Columnist | Consultant | Facilitator | Speaker | Author

If you are a leader, what are you leading for? How strong is the sense of shared endeavour within your team and organisation? What’s your true potential – as a human, as a leader, as a catalyst in your organisation? Indeed – what’s the full potential of your organisation (or your part of it)? How can reflecting on how your life and leadership will be remembered by others in the future help you resolve some of your most complex problems and inspire your choices and actions now?
Neil Scotton helps teams and leaders make big change happen. A genuine thought leader who is driven to supporting those creating a better future, his work is summed up by the organisation he co-founded in 2011 – The One Leadership Project. The Project helps teams and whole organisations make big change happen by them acting together ‘as one’. And leaders to be effective, inspirational and resilient by being ‘at one’ with themselves. Clients achieve new behaviours and culture change within the team and organisation, exceptional results and positive impact in the world. They include Arthritis Research UK, Macmillan Cancer Support, Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts, Santander, University of Sussex, University of Surrey Business School + many more.

Neil is also ‘the coach’s coach’, supporting award winning coaches and top leaders in the coaching profession itself. He led the UK ICF chapter during its period of unprecedented growth to become the biggest chapter in the world. He received the International Coach Federation’s President’s Award for his ‘evolutionary leadership’ and ‘contribution to the global coaching profession’. He was chosen from their membership of over 25000 coaches to co-create and deliver the ICF’s 20th anniversary event, bringing together over 100 of the world’s most influential coaches to reflect on the work of the ICF so far and its future direction. He’s been invited to inspire audiences in London, Helsinki, Moscow, Montreal, Istanbul and many more.

A Chartered Engineer by first profession, he combines gritty reality with the highest sense of purpose and possibility. The column he co-writes with Dr Alister Scott in Coaching at Work magazine exploring the role of coaches and coaching to address the big issues of our times received the magazine’s ‘Best Thought Leadership’ award.

Neil combines a sense of play with the profound. At a recent workshop he began with the question: “Would you coach Donald Trump?” As people moved beyond the laughter they discovered some of their deepest beliefs, drivers and values and the purpose in their coaching.

Neil and Alister’s published work on Legacy Thinking led Peter Cheese, CEO of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development to comment: “These principles and ideas will resonate with all concerned and responsible leaders.” Professor Peter Hawkins described it as “inspirational and thought provoking”. Keith Bowring, Head of Elite Coaching for English Rugby and former National Coach for Wales described the workshop they ran: “This was one of the most thought-provoking workshops I’ve ever been to.”

Bringing the Legacy Thinking approach into organisations has helped achieve culture change and ‘best place to work’ awards.

Their latest work is ‘The Little Book of Making Big Change Happen’ builds on this. Due for publication in May 2017, it distils what they have learnt from working with, and supporting, extraordinary people who have impact within and beyond their organisation that is far beyond what would normally be expected.

Pre-publication reviews include:

Andrew Wolstenholme OBE FR.Eng FICE, Chief Executive, Crossrail (Europe’s largest infrastructure project): “…an invaluable guide – a set of prompts that should be constantly referred to, practiced and delivered’.

Susan Allan, Chief Transformation Officer, Santander UK: “A quiet voice of reason which will be useful for leaders and their teams alike. I loved reading it.”

Dr Mark Williamson, Director of Action for Happiness: “…unique and much needed! Perfect for people and teams who want to make a big contribution to the world – and who want to make their organisations happier and more resilient along the way too. ”


Date: 22 March 2018 9.00 – 16.00


As mentioned in the words, we’re all about ‘One’: Helping people get their teams to ‘act as one’ brilliantly together, helping leaders get their organisation to ‘act as one’ with values that are lived rather than slogans on walls and that win awards for being great places to work as well as delivering exceptional results, helping people get core relationships such as Chairs and CEO’s to act together as one and be able to handle the really difficult stuff without fear so that the best decisions are made, and helping leaders be at one with themselves – more relaxed, clearer thinking, confident, able to tackle their most complex and difficult situations with greater ease and more able to turn their ideas and dreams into reality.

In doing this we help organisations develop strategies that inspire their people and their supporters and commercial partners. We help organisations grow the skills within their business to enable cultural change from the inside (rather than simply clever consultants coming in and telling them what they ought to do). We help senior leadership teams work exceptionally well together. We help them see their most important issues from new and revealing perspectives including the viewpoints of all their stakeholders. We help leaders develop as people and change and adapt their beliefs and behaviours so that not only are they more effective, but they feel more themselves’, working authentically. We help people discover purpose and deep fulfilment, shared purpose and camaraderie in their work, able to have the toughest conversations and foster encouragement, recognition and appreciation in all they do.

The big change is therefore the big inner change within individuals, the big change that happens when a team unlocks it’s potential, the big change that happens when a whole organisations works as one, and we love helping organisations that are shifting the system and creating big change in the world – clients are addressing big issues like cancer, arthritis, environmental decline, building great places to live and work, and helping some of the most vulnerable people, as well as commercial organisations becoming employers of choice – recruiting and retaining the best staff and customers – and financial organisations help their staff deal with phenomenal pressures.

What we bring is the mix of practical experience, proven models, deep wisdoms and extraordinary, challenging, transformative conversations.

In this workshop Neil will share observations, lessons, thoughts and principles from the book that will make you stop, think, and maybe do things very differently.

Everything he shares will be selected because it has come from, or found to have huge impact on, highly effective leaders, and because it consistently transforms coaching conversations.

Bring along your most challenging questions and problems, or biggest possibilities and dreams, and there will be space within the workshop to move them forwards in ways you’ve probably never imagined.

Ask him to explain ‘The Graph of Everything’ and the way you look at issues facing yourself, your team, your organisation and more will change forever.

Order your copy of The Little Book of Making Big Change Happen in advance.
April 2018

A masterclass on Relational Team Coaching:
cultivating connections for outstanding performance
Presenter: Georgina Woudstra director | coach | author
Georgina Woudstra MCC coaches chief executives, senior leaders and executive teams. She has been described by clients as having “strong presence and credibility”, as being “experienced and wise” and a coach who “has extraordinary empathy” allowing her to be “challenging but gentle”.
She is also the Principal of the Executive Coach Studio, a coach training organisation for professional coaches looking to deepen their practice and develop greater congruence and coherence in their work. Georgina is a successful entrepreneur in her own right, a member of the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA) and co-author of ‘Coaching Global Top Teams’ in Leadership Coaching: Working with Leaders to Develop Elite Performance (Kogan Page). She holds an MA in Change Management, an Advanced Diploma in Coach Mastery from ITS, a Diploma in Transactional Analysis and a Certificate in the Supervision of Coaches, Mentors and Consultants from Bath Consultancy Group.
Date: 26 April 2018 9.00 – 16.00
A masterclass on Relational Team Coaching: daring to dance on the edge
In a world that is increasingly complex and volatile, with people and politics becoming more and more polarised, connectedness is at the heart of performance. Teams are all about relationships. Relationships between team members, between the team and organizational stakeholders, between the team and other teams, and between the team and other organizations such as partners, customers, the community. The 6th Ridler Report ( shows that 76% of organizations expect to increase their use of team coaching over the next two years. Relational Team Coaching is about relating in a way that cultivates deeper, trusted connections.
Session Description
A highly interactive masterclass exploring Relational Team Coaching: cultivating connections for outstanding performance. In life, we learn, develop and grow in relationship; therefore relationship is the essence of transformational learning. My aim in this masterclass is to inspire coaches around relational team coaching, a radically different way of thinking about coaching teams. Relational team coaching offers an expanded view of coaching to encompass relational dynamics as a source of both data and experimentation in the service of team development and performance. Relational team coaching invites us to recognise and proactively engage with the interplay between relationships.

When we put relationship at the heart of coaching, we are dancing on the edge- the edge where meaning is made, the edge of uncertainty and unpredictability, the edge of connectedness and potential. This requires courage as it is both exciting and unsettling.

In this masterclass, you will:
• Discover the philosophy of Relational Team Coaching and the significance of the ‘relational turn’ from a global perspective.
• Understand principles of Relational Team Coaching and the connection between relationship and performance.
• Learn about Relational Team Coaching competencies and experience them in action.
• Consider how these principles build on other approaches to team coaching, including Systemic Team Coaching, Leadership Team Coaching, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, team building and more.
• Explore the importance of emergent experience as a vehicle for profound change.
• Challenge yourself as a coach in new ways
Ultimately, this masterclass will provide you with an insight into Relational Team Coaching and will enable you to consider its significance for you as a professional coach.

June 2018

1. Leading and Managing Effectively Across Organisational and Cultural Boundaries
2. Working Effectively with Strong Leaders: How to Take Yourself, Team and Organisation Beyond Leaders and Their Shadows
3. Helping Leaders and Professionals to Embrace and Grow During Unfamiliar Uncertainty: – New Development Orientations for those Facing “2nd Journeys” of Change


Presenter: Anthony Kasozi (B.Soc. Sc, MSc, PhD)
Director, teacher, consultant, advisor, facilitator, coach


Anthony Kasozi is Founder / Director of Quilibra Consulting and an associate
of several other consulting, business and further educational establishments.
He has many years’ line management and organisation consulting experience
and is a skilled teacher, consultant, advisor, facilitator and an accredited
Coach. Over 30 years as a Manager, Leader, Executive and Leadership Coach,
Developmental Worker and Organizational Consultant he has worked with
many public and private organizations in the UK, Europe, Africa, and Asia,
helping them to address people development, policy, organization and
economic development issues.
As a line manager, Anthony has worked in industry, as an NGO Director and
as a senior executive at field and international corporate levels. As an advisor and consultant Anthony has worked with many public and private sector organisations as well as international agencies and NGO’s, in the UK, West – Central Europe, Africa and Asia. As a coach and mentor Anthony has accompanied and supported the development of leaders and managers working at chief executive, board and senior management levels, from different cultural, sectoral and professional backgrounds. As a writer and author Anthony has co-authored a book on leadership to a book on coaching and contributed.
In his day to day work and life Anthony is dedicated to supporting the development of business and civil networks that they relate with and accountable to the communities that they serve. As an individual, the human cost of poverty fuels Anthony’s passion for the improvement of business performance, the expansion of useful education and training, adoption of sustainable design and technologies, and expansion of effective and accountable leadership.

Anthony is known for his “uncanny ability to help clients to discover and to ask the questions that they sense the need but are struggling to find for themselves or others with”. Where appropriate, he offers his own experience and insights as a consultant, a manager and leader to his clients. This mix of challenging insight, coaching support and experiential reflection enables clients to gain greater understanding of the issues they face and the possibilities they have for addressing them. Overall Anthony always seeks to
support clients to grow: to become more skilled at resolving the difficult issues they face and to relate and work more effectively across boundaries and beyond the immediate challenges they are facing.


Date: 7 June 2018 9.00 – 16.00

Leading And Managing Effectively Across Organisational and Cultural Boundaries – Overview and

Timetable – Budapest 7 June 2018
This workshop examines how we in our various roles (coaches, managers, or leaders) can better understand, support and guide those who work with the unfamiliar, lead in the unknown or engage with the culturally, personally and/or socially challenging.
Working effectively across formal and informal boundaries is essential. We have to understand the purpose and role of boundaries, appreciate the different types of boundaries and identify which ones really matter – when and in what ways.

To be proficient as leaders, managers and coaches we must become adept at working with, through and around unfamiliar and new boundaries. We also must acquire and practice the skills that enable us to shape and shift next steps, conversations and futures as we face the challenges presented by different kinds of boundaries.

Workshop Outline – Leading and Managing Effectively Across Organisational and Cultural Boundaries

In a globalised world where people and organisations are working more interactively and dynamically with each other, much of what we do involves working across boundaries. These boundaries are wide ranging and both tangible and intangible –shaping the way we experience, cultures, organisations professions, and even whole countries and continents.
For managers, leaders and coaches, working effectively across formal and informal boundaries is essential.
We have to understand the purpose and role of boundaries, appreciate the different types of boundaries and identify which ones matter, when and in what ways. To be proficient as managers and coaches we must become adept at working with, through and around boundaries. We also have to acquire and practice the skills that enable us shape and shift different kinds of boundaries.
This workshop is designed to help you become accomplished at working and leading yourself and others to engage effectively with and through boundaries. It starts by pointing to the what we can learn from the experiences and insights of people whose work and life experiences make them stand out – modelling ways of living and leading well across boundaries. It then examines how we in our various roles (coaches, managers, or leaders) can better understand, support and guide those who work with the unfamiliar, lead in the unknown or engage with the culturally, personally and/or socially challenging. Overall the workshop is intended to help you better to connect with, and provide support for, yourself and others when working in / with the different and the unfamiliar.

Using case examples and suggested working framework the workshop will specifically focus on how to lead the different through engaging with difference. It will explore how to:

  • work differently and effectively outside familiar professional, life, and cultural experience and
  • adopt a questing/exploring mentality towards unfamiliar situations and experiences;
  • use core questions, insightful guides, heightened intuition and astute practices to ground and guide
  • connect relate and engage better to engender mutual appreciation and inclusion.

Workshop participants will also have the opportunity (if they choose) to bring one of their own experiences as an action inquiry case to work with others in the workshop – who can help them to reflect and examine the usefulness of the ideas and approaches that have been introduced.


Von Bartheldné Ábri Judit MA, MCC
Henley Business School (UK) Coaching Tutor
executive coach, coach tréner, vezetőfejlesztő

You can find me:

Mobil: +36 30 942 2419
Skype: judit.abri



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