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CHN is proud to bring to Hungary the best of international speakers who cover a wide range of leadership development topics. CHN (Coaching Without Borders) invites speakers since 2011 to hold full day workshops and linked to these visits exists the possibility for corporate clients to request a keynote speech of any length from 60 – 90 minutes or a short workshop of 90 – 180 minutes from these speakers. The advantage is that CHN covers their travel and stay expenses and for the company it can only costs from €1400.- – 1800.- in fees to get the latest knowledge, research and practice on a given subject. These arrangements are only valid on dates adjecent to CHN workshops.
Pls check CHN workshop schedule here.

It is also possible to invite speakers as independent arrangements but in those cases the fee can range from €3000.- €5000.- + VAT/ appearance + travel costs + hotel expenses.
If you have a special corporate event, you need a motivational speaker I am happy to recommend international speakers.

Von Bartheldné Ábri Judit MA, MCC
+36 30 942 2419



Some of our most popular speakers


Von Bartheldné Ábri Judit MA, MCC
Henley Business School (UK) Coaching Tutor
executive coach, coach tréner, vezetőfejlesztő

You can find me:

Mobil: +36 30 942 2419
Skype: judit.abri



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